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Speed up your website 3x - 5x using OPENLitePanel. No hardware change required.

Manage OpenLiteSpeed based server out-of-box. Making Web Server for every VPS.

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OpenLiteSpeed via command line.

OpenLiteSpeed is the Open Source edition of Enterprise LiteSpeed Web Server. It boasts powerful features, including an event-driven architecture, cache acceleration, and much more!

Ready to use server

Zero Configuration - Creates a Web Server

Install web hosting core components like Web Server - OpenLiteSpeed, FTP, MariaDB Database and phpMyAdmin. Update OLS, Auto PHP tuning, Option to run Apache behind the OLS, and more.

Zero Setup - Backup

Secure and Backup (Database & Files) Ready.

Inbuild Database and File system backup option. Just configure and it will start working out of the box. Configure local/ remote backups. Set the retention period as per your needs/ backup policy.

Install OLS, PHP, MariaDB, phpMyAdmin, ProFTPD in One Click.

Configure and schedule daily database and website backup on local or remote server.

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Our support team is available on email.

We're always here to help!

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Why isn’t OPENLitePanel free?

It takes intense dedication, time, and resources for our team to bring innovation and productivity to your web experience. We dedicate ourselves to making OPENLitePanel a valuable and essential tool to help you stay productive, every day. We understand concerns about overpaying for any solution, so we keep the cost of OPENLitePanel as low as possible. In fact, the cost of OPENLitePanel is significantly lower and Onetime. We care about our customers and treat each and every one of you as part of our family. By paying for OPENLitePanel, you are helping us build the greatest and most innovative unified webserver ever for any type of VPS.

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