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Automating OpenLiteSpeed Web Server Setup

manage openlitespeed server smartly

OPENLitePanel is Automating Initial Web Server Setup. Its included OpenLiteSpeed + Apache* + MariaDB + PHP + Perl + phpMyAdmin + ProFTPD. It is best for VPS owners, who are having little or less technical knowledge. Simple commands to add domains in virtual hosts, create MySQL databases, create FTP user for each website to manage web pages.

OPENLitePanel is a simple automation shell script that installs required Core Components on the server within 30 min and saves a lot of time and money for your VPS. OPENLitePanel will let you automate things like performance tuning, data security, and backup.

What is VPS?

A virtual private server (VPS) is a “slice” of a real physical server which runs its own operating system and is completely isolated from the rest of the system. Each VPS is given a share of the memory, storage, and CPU time of the physical server as well as its own IP address. VPS offer affordable scaling, better performance, and security than a shared hosting website.

Here are our features and services at OPENLitePanel -

  • OpenLiteSpeed Web Server + Apache Web Server (optional)
  • PHP 7.2, 7.3, 7.4 ( ioncube, SuExec + PHP version switcher)
  • MariaDB + phpMyAdmin (database managment)
  • ProFTPD
  • Built-in Backup Script - Local and Remote ( MySQL + FileSystem )
  • CSF Firewall (Best Linux Firewall)
  • Letsencrypt, Free SSL certificates for all your domains
  • Auto-update ( OLS )

and many many other options…

OpenLiteSpeed is the Open Source edition of LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise and contains all of the essential features, including HTTP/3 support. OLS provides enormous scalability, and an accelerated hosting platform for application like WordPress.

OpenLiteSpeed is fast and Event driven web server and have intelligent cache module that can help you achieve much better results when compared to NGINX or Apache.

We created OPENLitePanel to control your Cloud / VPS / Dedicated Server without much technical knowledge. Simple commands can do your all tasks like create virtual host to add many websites on the same server, add Free SSL to website, create databases for dynamic website / CRM, create FTP to upload website via FileZilla.

If somehow OLS not worked for your application as OpenLiteSpeed does not fully support .htaccess rules, Apache behind OLS so that you can still take benefit from OpenLiteSpeed cache module.

OPENLitePanel is administrator tools, doesn’t have GUI front-ends. You have to use the command line (CLI).

The first and foremost advantage to CLI is speed. This has several reasons :

  • The code is more polished, debugged and shorter than GNU tools. You must remember that most shell tools have been around since the 80’s. We don’t use the original tools now, we rather use GNU’s remake of them. Those GNU tools (the core ones like cp, mv, ls, …) have been around for a long time. The code has been revised hundreds of times since, and is usually fast and compact.
  • There is no graphical overhead. Even when your laptop is idle, there is some running function that continuously updates the GUI. Just stare at the screen without pressing a key, and watch the clock update, for example. This continuous feed happens by copying bytes from main memory to video memory, and this adds to the traffic on the system bus. CLI tools usually don’t need this, as the screen is updated only when needed. Even the blinking cursor is rendered by the VGA driver (not so in emulated terminals).
  • CLIs usually do the job and give a return value with no fuss, unless you select the verbose mode. It’s up to the caller to examine the return value and determine success from failure.
  • Many GUI tools are just front-ends to their CLI counterparts. That means they do two jobs, in place of one, to give the same result.

This is performance-wise. There are other reasons too:

  • Documentation is usually complete and easy to find. The GNU project has coding standards that state each package should have a command-line help option (-h and --help), a man page, and an info page. Not all CLI tools abide by the rules, but most do. On the other hand, I don’t know of a standard that forces GUI tools to have documentation. It’s up to the programmer, as far as I know.
  • Unix philosophy of KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) dictates that each tool does only one job, and should do it well. You can then combine those tools by piping and redirection. This makes life easier to the programmer. It’s not that easy with GUI tools.
  • Like many systems (e.g. servers, embedded systems) don’t have the luxury (or sometimes the capacity) to accommodate a graphical interface.

Why isn’t OPENLitePanel free?

It takes intense dedication, time, and resources for our team to bring innovation and productivity to your web experience. We dedicate ourselves to making OPENLitePanel a valuable and essential tool to help you stay productive, every day. We understand concerns of over paying for any solution, so we keep the cost of OPENLitePanel as low as possible.

In fact, the cost of OPENLitePanel is significantly lower and onetime only. We care about our customers and treat each and every one of you as part of our family. By paying for OPENLitePanel, you are helping us build the greatest and most innovative unified web server ever.