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OpenLiteSpeed vs LiteSpeed Web Server

An important difference between community version(OpenLiteSpeed) and LiteSpeed Enterprise is that OpenLiteSpeed will not autodetect an update to .htaccess. OpenLiteSpeed is most frequently used for individual sites that don't change often and it's suggested that you simply restart OpenLiteSpeed to load any new .htaccess file.

If you are in a situation where you need to frequently update, such as a shared hosting environment, then you'll want to use LiteSpeed Enterprise.

Now, if you scroll down the edition page a little bit, you can also find that OpenLiteSpeed support rewrite rules in .htaccess only (not fully) and NOT support below items as well:

OpenLiteSpeed Advantages:

LiteSpeed Web Server Advantages:

Check detailed feature comparison of OpenLiteSpeed and LiteSpeed - From official website.

OpenLiteSpeed edition is generally used for large, high-traffic websites. However, this edition is not compatible with any hosting control panel. It’s an open source edition and free for personal and commercial uses. OpenLiteSpeed also have no limitation on CPU, RAM and worker processes.

OPENLitePanel helps you to set up apache behind OLS. This way, you can still benefit from the OpenLiteSpeed cache module and get similar performance benefits plus full support of .htaccess rules and custom php.ini files.

You can use inidividual websites on your server to either use OpenLiteSpeed or put website in 'OpenLiteSpeed + Apache' Mode (OpenLiteSpeed as a Reverse Proxy).

OPENLitePanel tool is Automating Initial Web Server Setup. Its included OpenLiteSpeed + Apache* + MariaDB + PHP + Perl + phpMyAdmin + ProFTPD. It is best for VPS owners, who are having little or less technical knowledge. Simple commands to add domains in virtual hosts, create MySQL databases, create FTP user for each website to manage web pages.

OPENLitePanel is a simple automation shell script that installs required Core Components on the server within 30 min and saves a lot of time and money for your VPS. OPENLitePanel will let you automate things like performance tuning, data security, and backup.

Here are features and services at OPENLitePanel Tool -

and many many other options…

Why isn’t OPENLitePanel free?

It takes intense dedication, time, and resources for our team to bring innovation and productivity to your web experience. We dedicate ourselves to making OPENLitePanel a valuable and essential tool to help you stay productive, every day. We understand concerns of over paying for any solution, so we keep the cost of OPENLitePanel as low as possible.

In fact, the cost of OPENLitePanel is significantly lower and onetime only. We care about our customers and treat each and every one of you as part of our family. By paying for OPENLitePanel, you are helping us build the greatest and most innovative unified web server ever.