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Select/ Install OpenLiteSpeed over Nginx for Wordpress

install openlitespeed for wordpress on VPS

Performance is one of the main reason. But not just performance, there are many more features on why I prefer OpenLiteSpeed over Nginx -

They are -

A ) High Performance

B ) Lower Server Configration

C ) Free Powerful Cache Plugin

D ) Understand Apache Rewrite Rules

E ) Security

High Performance - OpenLiteSpeed wins in terms in TTFB (time to first byte) and the number of concurrent users it can handle. Very handy if you’re running multiple sites in a single server. OpenLiteSpeed performs well, especially with their inbuilt LS cache when compared to Nginx by default.

Lower Server Configration also works - OpenLiteSpeed have an event-driven architecture which uses far less memory (RAM) and CPU when compared to Nginx and Apache.

Free Powerful Cache Plugin - LiteSpeed Technologies have developed their own cache plugin that works well with LiteSpeed and OpenLiteSpeed server. No need to buy any paid cache plugins if you’re in LiteSpeed/OpenLitespeed.

Understand Apache Rewrite Rules - LiteSpeed is built as a drop-in replacement to Apache server. Both LiteSpeed and OpenLiteSpeed can understand .htaccess file in your directory and work accordingly. OpenLiteSpeed may requires you to spend a small amount of time converting your existing Apache setup.

One of the biggest problem with Nginx in the configuration file. No single Nginx config fits for everyone. Cache plugins, plugins like WebP Express requires to modify Nginx config to make it work.

Security - OpenLiteSpeed have many security features that are built-in and doesn’t require much configuration. DDOS prevention with reCaptcha is one of best if someone looking for extra layar of secuiry for application.

What are the Limitations of OpenLiteSpeed?

OpenLiteSpeed is free and open source. In terms of caching, both servers support LSCache, but only LSWS Enterprise has ESI support. You can run certain CMS without ESI (such as WordPress), but many eCommerce solutions, like Magento or PrestaShop, require ESI in order to correctly cache private shopping carts and such. For applications that require ESI, Enterprise is your only choice.

A big issue is that it doesn’t support .htaccess files, which many website administrators consider essential. It also doesn’t support mod_security, an Apache firewall module. You can take benefit of OpenLiteSpeed and apache .htaccess using OPENLitePanel without paying much.

Conclusion -

OpenLiteSpeed is a good way to get your feet wet with LiteSpeed, but know that it comes with a lot of limitations on how it can be used.

The OpenLiteSpeed edition is most appropriate for self-managed hosting environments, where the servers are owned by the people using them, and a hosting control panel is not required. You can use OPENLitePanel if you looking for both OpenLiteSpeed and manage your own hosting server for any type of application without spending on control panel. OPENLitePanel can help to manage your daily hosting jobs like adding domain ( host unlimited domain on VPS ), create databases, daily backup of databases & websites and more.