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How to install OpenLiteSpeed in CentOS 7/8

install openlitespeed on centos 2020

What is OpenLiteSpeed?

OpenLiteSpeed is the open-source edition of the LiteSpeed webserver. It is a powerful cache engine with Apache-compatible rewrite rules.

The OpenLiteSpeed server suits for users with individual websites and CMS. For websites with frequent changes, OpenLiteSpeed may not work. This is because to load a new/changed .htaccess file, OpenLiteSpeed requires a restart.

It is a lightweight, high-performance, secure, easy-to-use, and low-resource-usage web server that can be used to manage hundreds of thousands of simultaneous connections. Check complete OpenLiteSpeed Web Server Review.

OpenLiteSpeed comes with a user-friendly web interface that helps you to create and manage your websites easily. It is highly optimized to run all kinds of scripts including Java, PHP, Ruby, Perl, and more, and supports various operating systems, including Linux, MacOS, FreeBSD and SunOS.

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OPENLitePanel is installation script /service which help admin or VPS users to get the server ready with all required componet within 30 min including feature -

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Why isn’t OPENLitePanel free?

It takes intense dedication, time, and resources for our team to bring innovation and productivity to your web experience. We dedicate ourselves to making OPENLitePanel a valuable and essential tool to help you stay productive, every day. We understand concerns about overpaying for any solution, so we keep the cost of OPENLitePanel as low as possible. In fact, the cost of OPENLitePanel is significantly lower and Onetime. We care about our customers and treat each and every one of you as part of our family. By paying for OPENLitePanel, you are helping us build the greatest and most innovative unified webserver ever for any type of VPS.


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