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Improve Your GTMetrix Score For WP sites Under 30 Minutes

GTMetrix is a tool that helps users to optimise their site for both speed and SEO purposes. A slow website will frustrate visitors, sending them elsewhere which is business loss also. A faster and more responsive website will keep them more engaged and focused on the page content.

In addition, Google use page speed in their ranking algorithms. Therefore, a faster performing site may rank higher in search engine results.

OPENLitePanel will fix this issue automatically without much technical knowledge and efforts. This article advises of a few simple steps that will see your GTMetrix score increase dramatically.

Before - Installing OPENLitePanel and optimization.

Before - Installing OPENLitePanel and optimization of WP website

After - Installing OPENLitePanel and optimization.

After - Installing OPENLitePanel and optimization of WP website

What needs to be done ?

Thats it !

Run report on GTMetrix again and check score.

OENLitePanel is an almost free web server setup solution. Its included OpenLiteSpeed + Apache* + MariaDB + PHP + Perl + phpMyAdmin + ProFTPD. It is best for VPS owners, who are having little or less technical knowledge. Simple commands to add domains in virtual hosts, create MySQL databases, create FTP user for each website to manage web pages.

OPENLitePanel is a simple shell script that installs required Core Components on the server within 30 min and saves a lot of time and money. OPENLitePanel Script will let you automate things like performance tuning, data security, and backup.

Here are our features and services at OPENLitePanel -

and many many other features…