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Frequently Asked Questions

A computer that is only using the command line takes a lot less of the computer"s system resources than a GUI. Check this post -

At present, our team OPENLitePanel working with RHEL 7/8, CentOS 7/8 and Debian 10 - "Buster". Rocky Linux Capabilities - Coming soon.

Yes. Once you bought a license, it never expire for the server as license map to IP ( 1 license = 1 server ) and you can use the version you’ve purchased forever. The subscription/support is optional and requires a yearly recurring fee.

No. We just added our experience of automation and created simplest way to install and manage OLS.

Please check OLS website for more details -

Openlitespeed (OLS) does not support most of .htaccess rules but using our one click installer, you can add apache behind OLS and get the benefit of OLS speed and security.

We already added backup script for local and remote server with retention policy.

Our script will configure PhpMyAdmin for MySQL/MariaDB management. Using this anyone can manage our database.

No, Our service/script is limited to automation and making admin or webmasters job easy. For OpenLiteSpeed support, you have to depend on OLS team. They are best and supportive too.

No limit. If you have server resources ( i.e. RAM, CPU, DISK ), you can host as many as you want on the same server.