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1-Click Install OLS, PHP, MySQL and more

1click ols setup on centos openlitepanel

Manage OpenLiteSpeed based server out-of-box.

If you want to set up a web server quickly, then will get you up and running with a single command in about 25 minutes.

You can install OpenLiteSpeed, lsphp, MySQL database, phpMyAdmin, ProFTPD, CSF firewall, Lets Encrypt SSL in 1 click! Yes, its correct.

Here are our features and services with OPENLitePanel -

and many many other options…

The installation process should take about 15-25 minutes if you run below command

bash <( curl -k )

Enter / Paste - License Key ( PRODUCT KEY )

Thats it!!


You can use lscreate command to add virtual host in openlitespeed like -

create virtual host in openlitespeed

Check website page. default page openlitepanel

Add Lets Encypt SSL on domain -
add ssl in openlitepanel

add ssl in openlitepanel

add ssl in openlitepanel

Create MySQL database on server like -

create database in openlitepanel

Check this page for more details -